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A World Of Happiness

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The ills of society and the human weaknesses are highlighted in an exaggerated way in this novel, which is divided substantially in two parts: the first from tragicomic adventures and ramblings of mind of the protagonist, the second by a sci-fi escape from the world of work trying to live in an underwater world inhabited by mermaids. This book is dedicated to the men humble, not arrogant, but strong and sure of themselves.

The Master Of The World

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A sleepy American town is woken up in the middle of the night by horrifying noises. Terror-stricken citizens claim to have heard unexplained rumblings and there are reports of bright lights emanating from a nearby mountain.

As the head police inspector in Washington DC John Strock is assigned to investigate the mysterious happenings. He sets out on the case, having no idea what shocking secrets will be discovered.

During his investigation, reports of other inexplicable events around the country start to come to light. Unusual boats, fast cars and flying machines all play a part in the mystery as it unfolds. Strock starts to suspect that all these incidents are connected in some way, and strives to get to the bottom of it.

Will he succeed in his quest? Or will The Master Of The World live up to his name?

About the Author

Jules Verne was born on February 8, 1828, in the city of Nantes, France . He is best known for his novels A Journey to the Centre of the Earth, Twenty Thousand Leagues Under the Sea The Mysterious Island and Around the World in Eighty Days. Verne is often referred to as the 'Father of science fiction' because he wrote about space, air and underwater travel before aeroplanes, spacecrafts and submarines were invented. He died in 1905.

A Demon Underwater

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King Kalakaua's Tour Around The World

RRP $16.99

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From the Introduction.
As the People of the Hawaiian Kingdom await with an affectionately loyal interest the return of their Sovereign from his tour round the world, it was to meet the expectation of the hour, that this slight sketch, or outline of His Majesty's travel was prepared; to be distributed on the day of the King's return to his capital, so that not only the Hawaiian resident, eager to recall to mind, the particulars of the royal journey, but also the stranger who might happen in our midst, should have in compact form, information of the King's movements abroad, and of the important objects, which animated a patriotic Hawaiian Chief to undertake the great journey.
About one year ago, the King's health had been unfavorably affected; and it was manifest, that a pleasant change, and complete relief from the cares of State, were necessary to restore His Majesty to his wonted vigor and healthful tone. But, King Kalakaua, more alive to the interests of his State, than to the care of his person, would not consent to go abroad merely as an invalid tourist; but determined that his journey should be made subservient to the welfare of his Kingdom; and he undertook the arduous tour chiefly with a view to promote the re-population of his realm.
King Kalakaua is the first and only Monarch who has made the tour of the world; and his journey was undertaken for the greatest and noblest purpose, that could animate a King. Looking to ancient times, we find a King of Ithaca who undertook an expedition to settle a point of honor, that affected his neighbor; or an Alexander who marched through Asia to leave a track of desolation behind; and in modern times, we see an adventuring Charles of Sweden, while madly seeking to destroy his neighbors, meet with his own destruction; or a Shah of Persia, traveling to squander barbaric wealth, and to display barbaric tastes; or an Emperor of Brazil, an enlightened and humane man; but who goes abroad to attend scientific congresses and gratify his taste for scientific lore; whereas our Hawaiian King,-our enlightened and humane Pacific Monarch, goes abroad solely for the purpose of benefitting his Kingdom, to promote the welfare of his people; and to make good the noble motto, and device, proclaimed at his accession,-"Hooulu Lahui!"-Increase The Nation!


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