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O Is For Orca

RRP $19.99

"Art Wolfe's stunning color wildlife and nature photographs teach young children the alphabet while giving them a sense of wonder and appreciation about the bounty of nature. The old-fashioned A is for Apple is replaced by A is for Auklet. F is for Fir Tree, H is for Haida Totem Pole, and so on through the alphabet. No one does nature better than Art Wolfe. Andrea Helman's brief text includes an accessible introduction or fact about the animal, plant, person, or object depicted."

A Tale Of Two Orca

RRP $17.99

A richly illustrated story, "A Tale of Two Orca" allows you, the reader to travel into the depths of a realm rarely experienced by man or woman. Join Darius and Fila, killer whales and lovers for life on a journey into a world not a great deal unlike our own. It is a tale of one family's devotion, love, heroism, and betrayal. "A Tale of Two Orca" is a love story in the most classic sense. A story that will captivate you from the opening paragraph and leave you believing we are not the only civilized, intelligent beings on this planet capable of equally wondrous and horrific behavior. Mr. Edwards' imaginative portrayal of the day-to-day trials and tribulations embodied within the pod as well as each individual orca will give readers a new found appreciation for the thoughts, and emotions that must exist, at some level, within all living things.

The Orca's Odyssey

RRP $13.99

The young orca was excited to set out on his lone adventures across land and sea. But there were many dangers out there. Would he survive? Based on a true story, this book describes a killer whale's epic journey covering thousands of miles. It is an entertaining chapter book for early readers who love animals.


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Whale Watching Dancing Whales Orca Underwater World