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Travel In Spain - Free Guide Of Mallorca

Those who love travelling light, those with a sense for adventure, those who love flexibility in their trips, those who like meeting locals and travelling slow and low... those are Flashbooking happy ........ Read More

Majorca: Holidays For Everyone

There’s a reason why tourism in Majorca has exploded in recent years. And exploded it definitely has – the number of tourists visiting the island has leapt from 500,000 in 1960 to nearly 7,000,000........ Read More

Albania – Tirana, Korca, And Petrela Castle

Located in Southeastern Europe, Albania is a country off of the beaten travel road. Of course, this makes Albania a great place to visit. Albania – History Albania is a Mediterranean country sitt........ Read More

Island Of Majorca

The beautiful island of Majorca (Mallorca to some) is one of the most visited tourist destinations in the world, with over 15 million visitors per year. While most tourists come for the sun, sand and ........ Read More

A Quick Guide To Mallorca

One of the ever-popular Balearic Islands, Mallorca is the perfect location for a quiet romantic holiday or full-on family fun. Where is it? Mallorca is the middle, and largest, of a set of islands s........ Read More

Majorca Number 1 For 2007 British Holidays

An annual battle between holiday resorts to attract visiting tourists and their wallets each summer is over, and it appears that the Spanish island of Majorca has won over the British market at least......... Read More

The Orca Killer Whale In Pacific Northwest Coast Art

One of the most awesome creatures in both real life and in Pacific Northwest coast art is the orca or killer whale. Feared many years ago but now loved by millions of people around the world, the kil........ Read More

Stop Foreclosure Fast With Help From Webuyhousesforcash

When a person falls upon financial hard times without their fault at several times and they are behind on mortgage payments they may need some financial help to stop foreclosure on their property. You........ Read More

Getting The Most From Your Trip To Menorca

Menorca (also known as Minorca) - situated east of Mallorca - is one of Spain's own Balearic Islands in the Mediterranean Sea. With a population of about 82 thousand Spanish-speaking people, you're su........ Read More


Mallorca’s permanent foreign community of 16.8% is the largest of any province in Spain with significant numbers coming from Germany, France, Italy and South America.  The population of Mallorca s........ Read More

What To Consider When Choosing A Majorca Property

There are a great number of towns and villages on the island in which to find your dream Majorca property, however most of the island doesn’t come cheap! Where you choose to buy your Majorca prop........ Read More


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